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God is in the Dark Places

I have a friend who wrote me recently that she is seeking “more of God.”  I am not sure what she meant, but I assume that she was looking for a deeper experience of fellowship with God.  This got me … Continue reading

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Universal Reconciliationism, Eternal Torment, and Annihilationism

Last February and March I wrote several letters concerning the doctrine of universalism, that God will eventually save everyone, and that hell will ultimately be unpopulated. I believe this view undermines the gospel, as well as human freedom in responding … Continue reading

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The Golden Calf, Moses’ Veil and the Divine Glory

It is likely that Paul had the entire narrative from Exodus 32 through 34 in mind as he wrote 2 Cor 3 (see footnote 1), since it is in those chapters that the author relates the story of Moses viewing … Continue reading

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The Basis of Paul’s Competency: 2 Corinthians 3:1-6

In his 2nd letter to the Corinthians, Paul’s authority as an apostle is being questioned by certain “super-apostles” who have come into Corinth and attempted to undermine the gospel which Paul had preached to them (11:1-6). They have called into … Continue reading

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The Body and Sin in Romans 6-8

What follows is a conversation about the body and its relationship to indwelling sin that I had via e-mail with my friend Brian Coatney of Hopkinsville, KY. It began with a question from Brian about Romans 6:12: “Therefore do not … Continue reading

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