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The Revelation of God’s Righteousness in the Obedient Faithfulness of Christ: Rom 3:21-22

When I wrote on the righteousness of God awhile back (see The Gospel of God’s Righteousness), I stated that it is God acting in judgment to save His people from their enemies in faithfulness to the promises which He made … Continue reading

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The Gospel of God’s Righteousness: Rom 1:16-17

Every day it seems like we hear about the horrific things that human beings do to one another: the school shootings, murders, wars, rape and sexual abuse, thefts and burglaries, abuses of power, scandals, and betrayals.  In our darkest moments … Continue reading

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Abraham’s Faith Counted as Righteousness (Gen 15:1-6)

The Covenant with Abraham, part 1 In Genesis 15, God formalizes the relationship he established with Abraham in chapter 12. God makes, or more literally, cuts a covenant with him. A covenant is a formal contract between two parties that … Continue reading

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