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The Revelation of God’s Righteousness in the Obedient Faithfulness of Christ: Rom 3:21-22

When I wrote on the righteousness of God awhile back (see The Gospel of God’s Righteousness), I stated that it is God acting in judgment to save His people from their enemies in faithfulness to the promises which He made … Continue reading

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The Covenant and the Curse: Gen 15:7-21

How do we know that God will fulfill His promises to us?  How can we be sure that God is the kind of God He portrays Himself as in the Bible?  How do we know that He truly is love, … Continue reading

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Sin and Satan, part 2

If we’ve been Christians for any length of time, eventually we come to the realization that we knowingly do things we shouldn’t do and keep on doing them even though we know better. And we also have to face the … Continue reading

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Death to Sin: The Radical Solution of the Cross

In Romans chapters six, seven and eight, Paul deals with topics of immense significance for the Christian’s practical life. In these chapters we see how radically Paul conceives of our problem as human beings and how radical his solution to … Continue reading

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